Change?….What Change?

According to the genius Einstein, madness is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

Few would disagree. However, isn’t it amazing how we all seem to expect that things will remain the same for us, will remain constant, will be exactly as we expect whilst other people change?  Isn’t it amazing how we all seem to believe that change is for other people, and not for us?

Change your approach!

Change your thinking!

Every year, I make a point of trying something new which will take me outside of my comfort zone….or deliberately having a fresh approach to a niggling challenge. This year, I have published my first book on a topic which I am deeply passionate about…and on which I have received so  many questions.

Developing people: The Top 10 tips for New & Middle Managers” is practical, easy to read, easy to implement and…it works.

So, if you are a manager, a boss, a team leader, or a business owner, rather than wait for your people to magically change overnight and deliver exactly as you want them to, why don’t you try something different and get some no-nonsense tips on managing and developing people? Who knows where this will lead you?




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