Trim your business costs by investing in your people

Yes we are in a tough economic climate.  Yes all companies need to work more efficiently. And yes it is wise for businesses to review and reduce business costs without compromising on quality.

Research shows that the most effective way to trim costs without affecting quality is either by:

(a)    Helping people to do more with less –  i.e. empowering them  or

(b)   Investing in people and increasing their skills, talents, abilities and attitudes, so that they can add significantly more value to their company than their current salary

Either way, the real route to being more efficient, more profitable and to increasing a company’s longevity is not through Systems which have a limited return on investment, but through People which have the potential to have an unlimited return on investment. This is hardly news…after all, People are believed to be a company greatest assets, aren’t they?

So whether a company has made the conscious decision to down size to a limited number of core staff or to maintain its workforce numbers, the fact still remains that those people that are left need to be invested in – albeit with a slightly different focus. In the case of the down sized workforce (i.e. (a) above), the emphasis will be on providing the necessary up-skilling and motivations to give them the confidence to stretch and diversify their skills so as to be able to take up the wider expectations of them. In the case of (b), it is about assisting people to explore, identify and maximise opportunities to be even more valuable to their company and to grab these willingly.

Our services at Facilitate4me assists companies and individuals to achieve these objectives because we truly understand and agree that “There is no better investment that companies can make than in the education and development of their own people” –  Anthony Robbins; Awaken the Giant Within.

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