Change Practitioner of the Month goes to Surf Air- February 2017

In the fallout from Brexit, major businesses and corporations have been increasingly concerned over the uncertainty of the UK market, post leaving the EU. Worried that their business models will no longer be able to compete without the existing access to Europe and the single-market, some businesses have understandably approached the inevitable triggering of Article 50 (the start of the two-year divorce from Europe negotiations) with negativity and trepidation.

Other businesses however, have sought to acknowledge Brexit as an opportunity rather than a dilemma. In recognition of this, the Facilitate4Me Change Practitioner for February 2017 goes to… Surf Air, for the European launch of their ‘all-you-can-fly’ private jet service.

Founded in 2013, Surf Air until recently only operated flights in the state of California, USA. Dubbed as the ‘Netflix for private jets’, subscribers pay £1,750 a month and in return can fly as often as they like on the company’s eight-seater planes. Recognising the possible changes to how UK employees may work in a post-EU era, all its UK ordered 45 planes will fly from London Luton and London Biggin Hill airports to popular business destinations such as Zurich and Paris. They will also fly to the party island that is Ibiza at the weekends.

Surf Air’s Chief Executive for Europe Simon Talling-Smith anticipates that the service will prove popular with London City bosses ‘commuting’ across Europe. Speaking to the Press Association, he said, ‘we see an upside from Brexit, I think there will be many people, for example in financial services, whose companies wish to relocate them to European capitals but they’re not ready to relocate their family out of London yet. And therefore, they’ll end up living weekends in London and living weekdays in a European city – and that kind of commuter is perfect for Surf Air’.

With Theresa May set to finally trigger Article 50 before the end of March 2017, it is encouraging to see such optimism from Surf Air- proactively driving change, adapting and re-inventing at a time when too many of us are privately and professionally reluctant or afraid to do so. Let’s hope other businesses follow their lead and start to envisage and embrace the opportunities Brexit has to offer.

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