Change Management case study: If it ain’t broke, fix it!

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” is the popular adage. However in today’s fast changing environment, should you:

  1. Wait for it to break first before changing it? or
  2. Proactively adapt it so that it never breaks?

If you chose (2), then welcome to proactive change management…and welcome to being in control of your own opportunities and success. Waiting for competition, customer dissatisfaction/ taste or indeed anything else to catch up with you before you act; or resting on your laurels and being complacent about your success, is a sure fire way to fail. If you don’t believe me,  the list below is a useful reminder of a handful of uber successful brands that we thought would live forever…..and didn’t!

  1. Blockbuster
  2. Motorola
  3. Safeway UK
  4. Woolworths
  5. Compaq
  6. CSI Miami (I really do miss this!)
  7. Crossroads TV series (for those of you old enough to remember them!)
  8. Kodak

I’m sure you can think of so many more….

Moral of the story? If it ain’t broke, absolutely fix it before it does! Or put simply, adapt, reinvent, flex, change…. or die.


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