Why use Facilitate4Me?

1. We are hands-on, agile and flexible.

Led by Audrey Ezekwesili, a Fellow of the Institute of Leadership and Management and an APMG International certified Change Management Practitioner,  we are interim Project, Business Change and Transformation Specialists with a hands-on, agile, and responsive approach. We have extensive experience of, and significant successes in, managing projects to drive change within organisations and delivering business wide commercial and operational value and we understand the interdependencies of complex change programmes. We are flexible in our approach because we know that one size fits only one.

2. We are people focussed and empathetic

We are people focussed and a passionate champion of Equality, Diversity and Inclusion benefits to an organisation because we know that organisations and businesses only change when their people do. As such, we specialise in using our exceptional stakeholder engagement skills as well as coaching, people change models and training interventions and development programmes to build the required momentum that breaks down resistance (because there is always resistance), facilitate the individual’s journey through the changes and increase people’s capabilities to adopt and adapt to the new ways of working.

3. We have a transparent agenda – to facilitate your business transformation agenda

One of the reasons why implementing changes is difficult is because individuals have a forest of hidden agendas and personal legitimate reasons why they wish to maintain the status quo. Our agenda is transparent – to provide the best bespoke service for you to meet your vision and realise your benefits, transfer our skills and then leave.

Please call Audrey at 07931 352134 or email Audrey@facilitate4me.com

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