Why use Facilitate4Me?

1. We are hands-on, agile, flexible and empathetic

We are a hands-on, agile, and responsive business change / business transformation practice that supports businesses and organisations to capitalise on opportunities in a sensitive and authentic manner. Our consultants have successes and experience of delivering all types of change with empathy and across many industry sectors. We are direct but collaborative and we understand the interdependencies of complex change programs. We are empathetic and flexible because we know that one size fits only one.

2. We are people focussed

We are people focussed because we know that organisations and businesses only change when their people do. As such, we specialise in using our exceptional stakeholder engagement skills to build the required momentum that enables the delivery of results. We facilitate the acceptance, delivery and adoption of change and the smooth transition of individuals, teams and businesses going through a variety of changes, including:

  • Strategy changes – introduction of changes in how your business will achieve its vision, mission and objectives
  • Merger and acquisitions – integration of organisations, businesses, cultures, new ways of working and new services into one coherent and effective organisation
  • Structural changes – restructures and development of new organisation charts to reflect the new Target Operating Model, roles, responsibilities and reporting lines that will underpin the achievement of the new strategic objectives
  • People changes – including communications, coaching and training interventions to increase people’s (employee, stakeholders and suppliers) capability, decrease resistance and facilitate their transitions through the changes
  • Process and system changes – introduction and alignment of new systems and processes
  • Cultural changes – facilitating the required changes from the old outdated attitudes, behaviours and “way we do things around here” to the new desired ways of working that underpins a high performance culture.

3. We have a transparent agenda – to facilitate your business transformation agenda

One of the reasons why managing change or implementing something new is difficult is because individuals have a forest of hidden agendas and personal legitimate reasons why they wish to maintain the status quo. Soliciting external Change Consultants with the required empathy and competence to manage the fears and transitions required is key to success. Our agenda is transparent – to provide the best bespoke service for you to meet your vision and objectives.   Therefore we are comfortable plugging into your in-house capability gaps at any stage of your change life-cycle – whether assess, design, communicate, plan, or implement – and with any change model and processes that is most compatible to your organisation culture and environment.


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