Coaching for Change Services

So you’ve introduced a new change (technology, process, restructure etc.) to the work place, provided the relevant training and yet you are disappointed that the performance is not what you expected and that the  benefits of the change or the ROI on the training have still not been realised?

You are not alone.

The chances are that you have taught the new technical skills needed but underestimated the amount of training and development required to facilitate the learning of new behaviours, skills and attitudes to make the change work. If left unchecked, people will continue to work in exactly the same old way, nothing changes, no benefits are realised and soon the newly introduced change will be declared a failure.

As sensitive transformation change management practitioners and Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM) trained Coaches, we recognise that amongst the biggest barriers to transformation and change initiatives are people, culture and  behaviours. People’s reactions and responses to the introduction of change has to go through the “Change Curve”.

kubler ross change curveOur transformational coaching services specifically aim to accelerate the change and minimise its negative impact by making the change curve narrower and shallower. We do this by coaching individuals and teams to:

  1. Proactively embrace their reactions to the change  – for example, the loss of their old roles, lack of confidence and competencies for their new roles
  2. Positively work through the various stages of these reactions and its impact and
  3. Develop the mindset, skills and attitudes required to, adapt, reinvent themselves and significantly transform  their performance in the shortest space of time.

We also coach people going through redundancies or starting their own businesses who are proactive enough to realise that they need support to augment their existing skills and experience in their new situations.

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