• Developing People: Top 10 Tips for New and Middle Managers

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Some reviews of the book –

5.0 out of 5 stars A WINNER! LOVED IT! 
By Sibyl
I thoroughly enjoyed this “tell it like it is” book. It’s very practical & easy to understand with lots of very useful information which a lot of people can relate to. I certainly did. Managers & Aspiring Managers can learn a lot from it & can refer to it on a regular basis.I loved how Audrey referred to her personal experiences to illustrate the right & wrong ways of Managing people. I also loved the quotations from different famous people used on each Chapter & how Audrey related them to the relevant topics.Some of the principles mentioned in the book can also be applied outside the normal working environment. The chapter about re-inventing with the times by trying a different assignment, task, activity every 2 years is great for motivation & continuous development. This will be useful to anyone not just Managers & Aspiring Managers & can also be applied in other areas of one’s life.I will highly recommend it and will certainly use it for future reference. Great job. Can’t wait for volume 2.
By Sheila
Very Well Done! You are now a bonafide author. Very inspiring book & full of useful/helpful information. I like the bright colour & the logo (very inviting & makes you want to read it). Brilliant idea to use the word `investment’ as the basis & treat each of the letters as a topic (very well written). The portable size will also make it easy for people who have problem finishing a book, to finish it. It is a must read & have, and a very useful reference. I relate to some of the things discussed. I enjoyed reading it & look forward to the second instalment.
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