“Managing People is a pain in the bum”

We attended an excellent conference recently with many inspiring and successful keynote speakers who clearly knew what they were talking about and are extremely successful in their lines of Business. One them shared with the audience his top 10 list of what people don’t tell you when you are starting out in Business. The item on the list that really grabbed my attention (and was also very high on the list) was that “Managing People is a pain the bum…and emotionally draining“!  Judging from the various nods in the room, a lot of people agreed with him.

The Speaker went on to advice that as this is a very necessary “back office” activity, business owners should hand this over to people who have the relevant skills and competencies to do the job so as to free themselves up to do what they were better skilled for – such as “selling”.

On one level, we can absolutely see what he means. Managing and dealing with people is not everyone’s forte -which is why engaging with us at Facilitate4me makes sense. On another level though, we cannot help but wonder if calling it a “Pain in the Bum” might be a tad too harsh? Especially when to us, managing people, encompasses not just your staff but all people who can assist you to achieve your goals. These include your customers, your stakeholders, your competitors, your colleagues, your partners, your boss……etc, etc.

Our questions therefore are:
1. Is managing People really that difficult?
2. Which set of people (from the list mentioned above) are the most difficult to manage and why?
3. What are your Top 3 People challenges?


My Top 3 People Issues


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